How to Make a Gnome Home

by Jennifer Pilcher

Gnomes are small humanoids that are believed to live underground. Their homes can pop up anywhere outdoors. Here are just a few of their homes. You can see many more gnome homes on Pinterest.


Step 1

To make a gnome home in your yard, all you need is a tree, door, and a small window or two. After that, you have a home, or the sky is the limit.

Step 2

Here's one at the bottom of my biggest tree. The walking path to the door really adds charm, and is so simple to do with rocks, gravel, sand, or twigs--whatever you have.

Step 3

So cute. For adding little details, visit the doll house section of your local craft store. Can also get bridges and things in the aquarium section at the pet or discount stores.

Step 4

Step 5

Table and coffee

Step 6

This is one we built at my Mom's house. Doors and windows can be made with any wood you might have on hand. We used twigs for these windows.

Step 7

Having no more trees, I added this one to the bird bath when it was too hot outside to keep water for the birds.

Step 8

This one is in a Kansas City park which sparked my entire interest in this, after a news story that gnome homes were mysteriously popping up in our park.

Step 9

This one is also in the same Kansas City park.

Step 10

Again, a door and a few windows is all it takes. Use a flat rock for a cute patio.

Step 11

What a cute tree stump. Now I wish I had a tree stump in my yard.

Step 12

Another door and window. Love the simplicity.

Step 13

Another charming tree stump. So inviting. Shhhh, I see another gnome!

Step 14

A cozy homemade door and pathway.

Step 15

A winding stairway to a single door and with a gnome to see!

Step 16

Ladder to a red door.

Step 17

Another in my back yard.

Step 18

My sister's back yard.

Step 19

My mom's back yard.

Step 20

Step 21

Another in my Mom's back yard.

Step 22

My neighbor's yard.

Step 23

Mother and child noticing the gnome home in my neighborhood park

Step 24

In my neighborhood park

Step 25

Used fallen acorns for the pathway

Step 26

Step 27

Laugh everyday

Step 28

Step 29

Step 30

Think happy thoughts

Step 31

Wizard of Oz surrounded by smoke.

Step 32

Red shoes and Toto.

Step 33

Step 34

Make a wish

Step 35

Deck the tree

Step 36

Happy holidays

Step 37

Little Christmas stocking

Step 38

Merry Christmas!

Step 39

Step 40

Have fun with these tiny back yard escapes.

Step 41

Just prepainted popsicle sticks.