How to Make a FX One Eye Button Makeup

by Wild Face

How to make this FX makeup. It's fun for Halloween or to just freak people out:) You can either buy a prosthetic piece, or you can make it yourself. If people request it I can show you how I made it


  • Liquid latex
  • Spirit gum
  • Prosthetic piece
  • Tissue paper single layer
  • Face paint
  • Fake blood
  • Button
  • Tread
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with a clean, makeup free face

    Step 2

    Apply glue (normal school glue) to your eyebrows to keep them from getting stuck to the latex. This is if you use latex instead of spirit gum. Wait for the glue to dry.

    Step 3

    Place the prosthetic piece on the place you want it, and trace it.

    Step 4

    Trace with an eyeliner (preferably a lighter one) I only had black.

    Step 5

    Take the spirit gum (or liquid latex if you prefer that)

    Step 6

    And apply it all over the marked area.

    Step 7

    Wait until the spirit gum gets tacky. (If you use liquid latex just apply the prosthetic right after you put on the latex)

    Step 8

    There you go

    Step 9

    Press down the edges, and wait a couple of minutes (until you feel it's stuck on your face)

    Step 10

    Place some tread in a button that fits the prosthetic piece.

    Step 11

    Take som face paint, any kind will do. Find one that fits your budget.

    Step 12

    Mix som black with red

    Step 13

    Until you get a sore, blood like color your happy with

    Step 14

    Paint that around the button hole and down the cracks

    Step 15

    I also mixed a green brownish color to get a more realistic affect. Mix and play with colors until your happy

    Step 16

    Finished coloring my prosthetic piece.

    Step 17

    Apply a layer of liquid latex around the edge of the prosthetic pice.

    Step 18

    Then place a layer of single layered tissue paper around the edge and apply son more latex on top. Let it dry (it becomes see-thru when it dries). Then repeat with "latex-tissue-latex-dry" 2-4 times.

    Step 19

    Cover with foundation or facepaint to match your skin

    Step 20

    Cut tread into 1inch pieces, and dip the ends in liquid latex

    Step 21

    The apply them to were you want the stitches to be. Hold them for a minute, until it fastens.

    Step 22

    Do this all over were you want the stitches to be

    Step 23

    Take some black eyeshadow and apply were the tread-ends are. This makes it look like the tread is going thru your skin

    Step 24

    Again, do it all over

    Step 25

    There som thick blood, any brand you want. I prefer Ben Nye or the one I make myself

    Step 26

    This is how it looks like

    Step 27

    Stick the button on with some liquid latex or spirit gum, and let I dry. Then apply some thick blood around the edge of the button. Smudge it a bit, look more realistic then.

    Step 28

    Then I take some fake blood. This is homemade, you can use whatever you have

    Step 29

    Take the fake blood on a sponge or some tissue paper and dotted it a bit around your face,

    Step 30

    There you go!! Finished! Now go and scare someone!