How to Make a FX Chelsea Grin for Halloween Pt. 2

by Nicole Rizzuto

This is part to another Halloween FX makeup tutorial that I did. Just wanted to show different ways and techniques you can do the slit mouth FX.


  • Liquid latex
  • Makeup sponges
  • Makeup brushes
  • Fake gel blood
  • Translucent face powder
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Tissue paper
  • Small scissors
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    So.. This is my second version of a slit mouth fx for Halloween. I feel this technique looks more like a realistic Chelsea grin (Glasgow smile). Here are all of the supplies.

    Step 2

    I love the eyeshadow palettes. You can really get creative with depth for Fx makeup.

    Step 3

    Ok.. So first, hair up!! Latex and hair do not mix well together.

    Step 4

    Take any eyeliner pencil and stencil where you want your grin to be (please excuse the bathroom background😁)

    Step 5

    Pour out some latex onto a smooth surface. I used this small mirror.

    Step 6

    With a makeup sponge start covering the line with latex

    Step 7

    Looks as such...

    Step 8

    Use a blow dryer to speed up drying time.

    Step 9

    Add second layer of latex. I use my fingers to blend in the edges.

    Step 10

    And hot air again 💨💨💨

    Step 11

    Now take your tissue paper and peel the sheet to create two thinner layers

    Step 12

    Tear to fit size of grin..

    Step 13

    Add more latex and then place tissue paper on top. You can tear smaller pieces to fit the corners.

    Step 14

    Cute huh?

    Step 15

    Now add another layer of latex on top of the tissue paper. Don't worry if it clumps up a bit.

    Step 16

    Go outward from the tissue paper with the latex to blend with the rest of your face.

    Step 17

    And mooore hot air...

    Step 18

    And one more layer of latex. I check to make sure everything is even and blended the best it can be.

    Step 19

    Now with tweezers or your finger nail, start lifting the edge of the latex by your mouth. This will make it easier to cut later...

    Step 20

    Step 21

    I did one more layer of latex cuz I am a perfectionist.

    Step 22

    *BE CAREFUL* Once the latex is completely dry, take small scissor and start to cut your smile out

    Step 23

    Take your time with this part. I lift the scissors away from my face when I cut ✂

    Step 24

    Step 25

    You can cut whatever length you want. Peel away the opening to create more depth.

    Step 26

    Take your face powder...

    Step 27

    And cover the entire latex piece. This prevents the latex from being sticky and makes it easier to work with.

    Step 28

    Also get inside the latex flaps of the grin

    Step 29

    Now the foundation. Try to use a cream base rather than aqua base. It sticks better to the latex

    Step 30

    And blend...

    Step 31

    You can use a clean sponge brush to blend the makeup to the latex.

    Step 32

    So here is the finished latex effect. Now time for the fun part...

    Step 33

    Use a deep red color in your palette..

    Step 34

    And go inside your wound with red

    Step 35

    Next take a smaller brush and use black around the edges to create depth.

    Step 36


    Step 37

    Now use purples for the outside

    Step 38

    Gives it a bruised look. Play around with different colors. I use the reds, browns, purples and sometimes green for an infected look.

    Step 39

    Now my favorite part.. BLOOD. I use three different types. Yes there are different types. I use coagulated clot blood, gel blood, and wet blood. I first use the gel blood inside the wound

    Step 40

    It gives it an effect that makes it look like a fresh wound. I use a Q-tip for application

    Step 41

    Here is a coagulated looking blood. It looks more like older blood & scabs

    Step 42

    Use a coagulated blood for areas like corners of the mouth and around the flap of the wound. Try to just clump it in dabs.

    Step 43

    Next is the wet blood. This has more an effect of dripping fresh blood. The great thing about this kind of blood is that it doesn't dry and flake off

    Step 44

    I also use a Q-tip for application. Just allow it to drip down your mouth in a natural way.

    Step 45

    You can take some wet blood and smear it around the rest of your face if you like or uses it as accent around your neck... it's up to you get creative

    Step 46

    And there you have yourself a "Chelsea Grin"

    Step 47

    Have fun with it, experiment with makeup and latex. You can create all kinds of zombie faces. Even torn throats or burns.

    Step 48

    So go out there and scare your friends or do your friends makeup... Win a costume contest...

    Step 49

    And have a 🎃👻HAPPY HALLOWEEN👻🎃

    Step 50