How to Make a Fruit Skewers and Hot Chocolate Dip

by Joseph Harrison

An easy step by step guide to making fruit skewers and low fat chocolate dip. Fruit is very healthy and tastes delicious with a small amount of dark, low sugar, chocolate


Step 1

Materials: bowl, skewers, plate, a pan, knife and a wooden spoon

Step 2

Foods: low sugar chocolate, a selection of fruits. I used kiwi, strawberry , banana and apple.

Step 3

Half fill the pan with water and place the pan onto the hob and turn it on

Step 4

While the water is boiling peel ( if needed) and cut the fruit into big chunks with a sharp knife

Step 5

Now you can place the chocolate into a bowl (bowl must be big enough to sit on top of the pan)

Step 6

Once the water has started to bubble place the bowl on top of the pan (You must wear oven gloves as pan is hot!)

Step 7

Keep stirring the chocolate

Step 8

Chocolate will start to melt quite soon . Keep stirring it until all the chocolate has melted

Step 9

Once the chocolate has melted, wearing your oven glove take it off the pan and pour it into a small serving bowl

Step 10

While the Chocolate is cooling down start putting the fruit onto the skewers

Step 11

At the end your skewer should look something like this

Step 12

Place your skewers onto a plate with your small chocolate bowl

Step 13

Desert is now served - Enjoy You can dip your skewer into the chocolate or pour it over!