How to Make a Frozen Mix-Media on Wood With Art Anthology

by Art Anthology

Frozen mix-media fun with Art Anthology on the wood.


  • Wood
  • Gesso
  • ArtAnthology MUD
  • ArtAnthology Sorbets: PIXIE,BABY BLUE EYES,FROSTED
  • ArtAnthology Minx Ink
  • Acrylic or glass mini-stones for sospeso.
  • Resin gel- clear glue for sospeso
  • Flowers and your favorite embellishments
  • Brush and palette knife
  • gel medium or glue
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with wood and white gesso. Paint it with one or two layers.

    Step 2

    Let it dry.

    Step 3

    Prepare cracked stencil and sorbets: Frosted, Pixie and Baby Blue Eyes.

    Step 4

    Create some textures. Mix the sorbets randomly on the stencil.

    Step 5

    Let it dry.

    Step 6

    Add more texture with modeling paste and Retro Tile stencil. Let it dry.

    Step 7

    Prepare Coloration Mists.

    Step 8

    Add some colors into it.

    Step 9

    Prepare Hurricane stencil and MUD

    Step 10

    Add more texture by applying mud through the stencil.

    Step 11

    Step 12

    Putt all embellishments together and try to create nice composition.

    Step 13

    Glue it with gel medium or glue. Next apply some gesso on the top.

    Step 14

    Prepare our frozen effect - supplies :)

    Step 15

    Apply a thin layer of resin gel on the project, where you would like to have some frosted effect.

    Step 16

    Step 17

    Apply thicker layer of resin gel on the top.

    Step 18

    When it's dry, apply some gesso on the top.

    Step 19

    That's the effect, but I think we need some more colors here ant there...

    Step 20

    We need our new Minx Ink.

    Step 21

    Take some on the palette.

    Step 22

    mix it together.

    Step 23

    and paint where you want, around the composition.

    Step 24

    Look how it is beautiful shining on the project. Fore more details please check art anthology blog. Thanks, MartaDe.