How to Make a Framed Wall Hanging Jewelry Display

by Katie H :{D

Any questions just ask☺️👌


  • Frame
  • Fabric
  • Glue dots, glue, hot glue
  • Wood
  • Lace ribbon (optional)
  • Black paint
  • Heavy duty tape (preferably black)
  • Drill to make holes in wood
  • Little metal hooks
  • Super glue of some sort
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Pick out a frame and separate the pieces of it

    Step 2

    Cut a piece of fabric that is a couple inches wider and longer than the backboard of the frame

    Step 3

    Center the fabric with the backboard based on your fabric's design and use glue dots to secure it in the middle

    Step 4

    Flip it over and it should look something like this (mine looks a little off because I had to center the design of the fabric)

    Step 5

    Put glue dots up the sides of the backboard

    Step 6

    Then fold the sides of the fabric over (hot glue or duck tape probably would have worked as well)

    Step 7

    Fold over the other sides and secure them in place. (I used heavy duty tape but hot glue or other glues would also work)

    Step 8

    Once it dries, glue it to the inner part of your frame

    Step 9

    Flip it over and cut lace ribbon a little bit longer than the width of the backboard

    Step 10

    And now secure the ribbon on the back

    Step 11

    It should now look something like this👌

    Step 12

    Cut 4 pieces of wood that fit into the frame and glue them together with wood glue (if you have questions feel free to ask)

    Step 13

    Pull out the wood once the glue dries (I waited a little over an hour) and you should now have a rectangular framey box thing

    Step 14

    Now paint it black (I used spray paint but u don't have to)

    Step 15

    Use tape to secure the fabric covered backboard to to back of the frame

    Step 16

    I also used some hot glue to secure the tape doen

    Step 17

    Like so

    Step 18

    This is what the back of mine looked like

    Step 19

    And the front!!!☺️😘♥️

    Step 20

    I forgot to take pics while I was making these, but I just cut pieces of wood the width of the frame, used the drill to make the small holes (where the earrings will go), & I spray painted them black

    Step 21

    Step 22

    Put a drop of glue (I used strong shoe goo) on the edges of the wood sticks and place them on the inner rim of the frame

    Step 23

    Like so

    Step 24

    Now I have two done

    Step 25

    And now all four! (You don't have to do four)

    Step 26

    Well, so far we have a place for earrings, but where are we going to put necklaces and bracelets??

    Step 27

    Place the mini white metal hooks about 2 inches apart for reference of where u will drill the holes for them

    Step 28

    Now make little pencil marks on the bottom of the frame for reference

    Step 29

    And then with a small drill, drill little holes for the hooks to go in

    Step 30

    Now twist the hooks in the drilled holes and that's where the necklaces go!

    Step 31

    Now hang it up, put your jewelry on it, and admire your hard work☺️