How to Make a Footprint Flower Pot

by Andrea Falcone


Step 1

The inspiration

Step 2

Terra cotta pots at Michaels. Smaller size for babies, medium for toddlers, large for big kids

Step 3

Clay pot sealer at Michaels. Right next to pots.

Step 4

White acrylic paint at michaels.

Step 5

Color paints for footprints. You can get this brand or the next photo brand. You need 3 colors (for feet wings) and one black bottle (for butterfly body)

Step 6

Another brand of colored paints at michaels.

Step 7

Sponge brush for painting the pot white

Step 8

Spray inside and bottom of pot with clay pot sealer. This will waterproof it. Do 2 coats

Step 9

Paint untreated outside of pot with white paint.

Step 10

After first coat.

Step 11

After second coat (also paint upper rim and some on the inside of the pot if you wish)

Step 12

Painting inside the rim, eyeball it straight with brush.

Step 13

After 3 rd coat. This paint dries quickly.

Step 14

Get the feet ready! Remember left foot is right wing and right foot is left wing!

Step 15

I poured the paint out and had them put a foot in. Then I blotted foot on newspaper before putting it on pot. You don't want too much paint on the foot. May have to try a few times -just repaint white

Step 16

Paint the butterfly with black paint and paint name in a color of your choice.

Step 17

Paint date on bottom of pot.

Step 18

Let dry.

Step 19

Spray with acrylic sealer. This should make it waterproof over the paint. This one was from michaels and is a matte finish.