How to Make a Fall Colors Inspired Layout Without Photo

by Art Anthology

Create a mixed-media juicy and colorful layout about art love. Inspired by fall colors...


  • Black scrapbook paper
  • craft scrapbook paper
  • clear gesso
  • Black leather jacket - AA Sorbet
  • Mardi gras and Mayan Gold - AA Velvet
  • AA Mists: Plush, Salted Caramel, Juicy, Glorious
  • Timeless and Ice
  • Palette knife and soft brush small and medium
  • Some paperscraps
  • AA Stencils - Twilight, Such a Drip and Soliloquy
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with two pieces of paper. Black and craft.

    Step 2

    Step 3

    Then we need to apply a thin layer of clear gesso. Let it dry.

    Step 4

    Make some water splashes, randomly over your composition area.

    Step 5

    Now we can play with colors. First some splatters with Timeless. Using a tube form sprayer.

    Step 6

    More rich color - Salted Caramel.

    Step 7

    A little bit of Glorious, using little brush. Sorry about this horrible photos, but it is so hard to make some photos with one hand, at midnight...

    Step 8

    close up... It works perfectly with water.

    Step 9

    Need some juicy...

    Step 10

    And Plush.

    Step 11

    The colors will mix together.

    Step 12

    But we need a little bit of shine!! Using Ice. And now. We should let it DRY. It must stay on this same place, and dry slowly, without the heat tool.

    Step 13

    When it's dry, we need more splashes - with liquid clear gesso. Let it dry.

    Step 14

    Step 15

    More textures and colors. Apply Black leather jacket through the Such a Drip AA stencil.

    Step 16

    Then we have our mixed-media background almost finished.

    Step 17

    A little bit closer.

    Step 18

    Add some splashes with acrylic white ink.

    Step 19

    Add some details with stamp and black ink.

    Step 20

    Put some paper scraps together and add a TITTLE of our layout. Add more colors with mists if you want. For tittle I used Soliloquy AA stencil and Mayan Gold Velvet.

    Step 21

    Put it to the composition, add more colors if you want. I add some Mardi Gras....

    Step 22

    And I decided to add one paper clay heart with metal corner.

    Step 23

    Next morning... we have our layout finished. ;)