How to Make a Fabulous Box Out of a Nesquik Container (:

by Hannah Lewis


  • Decorations
  • Small brackets and/or tape
  • Paper
  • Paper Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Puncher for brackets
  • Tape
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This guide will tell you how to turn an everyday item into a homemade masterpiece! (:

    Step 2

    Gather all your supplies (: the list below will tell you what you need .

    Step 3

    Take the piece of paper and measure it 6 inches down. (my ruler says ten inches because it's broken -__-) Draw a line to mark the measurement.

    Step 4

    Now you can line up your paper on the cutter and cut the excess.

    Step 5

    You paper should now look like this! Make sure you hold on to both pieces.

    Step 6

    Take the part you just cut and measure it 6 more inches from the side.

    Step 7

    Mark your measurement. (:

    Step 8

    Now cut cut cut away!

    Step 9

    These are the two pieces you will absolutely need. (:

    Step 10

    I used purple paper just as a demonstration so you could see the measurement easier. Im actually decorating mine in black (:

    Step 11

    Wrap the largest piece of paper around the box. Their should be a gap in the back.

    Step 12

    Here is the back (:

    Step 13

    If you do not have brackets, you can skip this step and jump to step number 16.

    Step 14

    Now you need to make a hole for your brackets. I chose to use a non cranking hole puncher to make the hole. You can purchase these at any craft store. (:

    Step 15

    Here is the hole. You may need to keep poking it to make it big enough.

    Step 16

    Now insert the bracket , I chose to use a silver one so you can't really see it that well.

    Step 17

    Now pull back the sides (:

    Step 18

    Put brackets in all four corners (:

    Step 19

    After the brackets, or if you don't have any, you can just simply tape the back!

    Step 20

    Use stickers, paint, ribbon, glitter or anything else you want to decorate your box. Be sure to make it cute!! 🎀

    Step 21

    Here is my finished product!!

    Step 22

    Now fill your box with anything. I put bracelets in mine (:

    Step 23

    Now this lid looks very boring, let's spice it up a little!

    Step 24

    Put colorful brackets in your lid. You can use anything to decorate it actually (:

    Step 25

    Now doesn't that look better!

    Step 26

    You can add another piece of paper to the bottom as a base (: just simply glue it down .

    Step 27

    The only thing bad about this project is the mess afterward ... Oh well, it's worth it!

    Step 28

    Here's the finished product! So simple yet so cute!

    Step 29

    Who knew a nesquik container could be so fab?! But thanks for looking at my guide. Please like, comment and follow me! (: