How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

by Tiger's DIYS


  • duck tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    first you need 7 9 inch strips

    Step 2

    after that stick 2 together only half way

    Step 3

    once you have used all the strips it should look like this and you need to make the edges fold over so its not sticky

    Step 4

    now fold over

    Step 5

    and cut the uneven edges

    Step 6

    take a piece of tape and stick it on and fold over ONLY ON THE SIDES

    Step 7

    cut off the access

    Step 8

    it should look like this

    Step 9

    now cut 4 3 inch strips with some left over for later

    Step 10

    now grab 2 and stick them on top of eachother and same with the other 2

    Step 11

    now pace them both and cut any access

    Step 12

    like this and stick on only the edges to the wallet

    Step 13

    cut 4 3.5 inch strips

    Step 14

    fold 2 on eachother and do the same with the other 2

    Step 15

    stick one down to the wallet and then stick the other on top

    Step 16

    all done💕🌹❤ read the steps carefully to get a great product💜

    Step 17