How to Make a Double Braided Headband.

by Allana Bailey


  • Clips
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb
  • Hairspray (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First start off with your hair just plain jane.

    Step 2

    Grab the chunk from behind your ear and pull forward.

    Step 3

    Take the half you didn't pull forward and grab it and give it a little tease/back comb

    Step 4

    Tease right behind where you want your bands to lay.

    Step 5

    Do as you did on the other side ad grab the chunk from behind your ear.

    Step 6

    Pull forward and tease the rest back.

    Step 7

    Grab an inch or 2 inch section of hair from the bottom part closet I your ear. (Thicker the hair the thicker the braid)

    Step 8

    Start braiding

    Step 9

    Braid til almost the end (excuse my face and red eyes, just a little sleepy )

    Step 10

    Hold the braid out so you can begin to cross it over your head

    Step 11

    Lay the braid over where you work like it to go.

    Step 12

    Bobby pin it to your head. You may need to use 2

    Step 13

    Grab the hair you left at the end (the strands you didn't braid)

    Step 14

    Add them to another chunk like you did to the other side and braid like you did on the other side

    Step 15

    Pull this braid in front of the other and put it where the other braid began.

    Step 16

    Secure this braid to the other braid and your scalp.

    Step 17

    Take the clips out of your hair that help the other hair out the way

    Step 18

    Comb over the hair you had teased just to tame it to your liking.

    Step 19

    You can leave the hair like this If you would like but I prefer a few more steps.

    Step 20

    Take your bands and a few strands of the front hair.

    Step 21

    And pin them behind the side of the braid

    Step 22

    Same as the other side grab some side hair and pin back.

    Step 23

    Pin it back

    Step 24

    This is my final look. You do not have to do these last pinning steps.

    Step 25

    These are photos of my final look!

    Step 26

    Hope this helped and hope you enjoyed! 😁