How to Make a Daily Aloe Vera Moisturizing Hair Mist 💆

by Maia 👑

A refreshing mist that will moisturize, soften, and strengthen hair while making your hair smell amazing!


  • Fresh Aloe juice
  • Spray bottle
  • Fragrance
  • Vitamin e oil
  • Water
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    First separate the aloe vera juice from the aloe leaf. Check out my guide: "how to prep aloe vera plant for use in beauty products" to learn how

    Step 2

    Gather your ingredients

    Step 3

    Pour some aloe vera juice into your spray bottle. The amount used is up to you and the size of the spray bottle you have

    Step 4

    Add 3-4 drops of vitamin e oil. Vitamin e oil helps to preserve the mist and is healthy for hair.

    Step 5

    Add 10 drops of your fragrance. This time I am using fresh rain scent.

    Step 6

    This is me adding the drops of fragrance.

    Step 7

    Fill bottle the rest of the way with water, leaving room to shake the contents.

    Step 8

    All mixed up and ready for use. Using this hair mist will moisturize and soften hair while strengthening due to aloe vera and vitamin e.

    Step 9

    This is the color of the mist after it's sat for a couple of hours unrefrigerated

    Step 10

    This mix will last me about 1 week. Shake before use. I spray my locs in the morning and before I go to bed at night. If you want to keep it longer I suggest putting the mist in the refrigerator.

    Step 11

    The mist may brown a bit during the week, however this is not a concern. As well as the mist smells fresh I keep using it. If not I make a new batch. Follow me for more homemade beauty recipes 😊