How to Make a Cute "Reindeer Poop" Gift

by Adel Crafts

This is a great last-minute gift idea! This guide is for Jasmine Cullivan's request!


  • Picture of yourself
  • Hershey's kisses
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Print a picture of yourself with your hand held out

    Step 2

    Get your Hershey's kisses...

    Step 3

    ...and double sided tape

    Step 4

    Put the tape on your hand

    Step 5

    Stick two kisses to it

    Step 6

    Stick on two more

    Step 7

    Then add one more to complete the pile

    Step 8

    Write a cute explanation letter (I actually did this first)

    Step 9

    TA DA!!!

    Step 10

    Hope you enjoyed this guide please like and follow!!!