How to Make a Cup of Coffee Using an AeroPress

by Kyle Webb

A guide to brew a full cup of coffee using an AeroPress. There are many ways to complete this task; this is my go-to method.


  • 1 AeroPress
  • 20 Grams Coffee
  • 1 Kettle
  • 2 Cups Water
  • 1 Coffee Cup
  • 1 Coffee Grinder
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Collect all of your supplies.

    Step 2

    Add water to your kettle. It does not matter how much you add, as long as you have at least 2 cups of water.

    Step 3

    Set your kettle to boil the water.

    Step 4

    Place an AeroPress paper filter into the filter cap.

    Step 5

    Ensure that the filter paper is sitting flat in the filter cap.

    Step 6

    Attach the filter cap to the AeroPress by screwing it into place.

    Step 7

    Ensure that the filter cap is screwed on tightly to avoid any leaks.

    Step 8

    Add some cold water to the Aeropress. You only need enough to wet the filter paper. (This step is optional but eliminates a papery taste to the coffee)

    Step 9

    Make sure the entire filter paper is wet. Dump out any extra water that may still be sitting in the AeroPress.

    Step 10

    Step 11

    Let your water in the kettle cool to 95 C.

    Step 12

    Set the funnel on top of the AeroPress.

    Step 13

    Add two scoops of coffee grounds to the AeroPress through the funnel.

    Step 14

    Add just enough water to the AeroPress to wet the grounds. Use the stirring stick to stir the grounds for about ten seconds.

    Step 15

    Add water to top of the AeroPress and use the stirring stick to stir the mixture.

    Step 16

    Add the plunger to the AeroPress so that it will hold the liquid in the AeroPress, allowing the water to soak with the ground coffee.

    Step 17

    Allow the water to sit in the AeroPress for 45 seconds.

    Step 18

    This image is a close up of the plunger being pushed into the AeroPress so that the liquid is held in the AeroPress.

    Step 19

    AAfter the 45 seconds, press the plunger down. This will push the water through the grounds and into your coffee cup.

    Step 20

    Once pushed all the way through, you should have a full coffee cup.

    Step 21

    Full coffee cup. Now, to wash the AeroPress before drinking your delicious coffee.

    Step 22

    In order to wash properly, unscrew the filter cap off of the AeroPress.

    Step 23

    Set your filter cap to the side for now.

    Step 24

    Push the plunger all the way through the AeroPress. You'll notice you now have a puck of coffee grounds. Dispose of these and the filter.

    Step 25

    Using a tap, rinse the remaining grounds off the plunger and AeroPress.

    Step 26

    Pull the plunger back out and rinse off both the AeroPress and the plunger. Set to the side to dry.

    Step 27

    Rinse off the filter cap. Set to the side to dry.

    Step 28

    Rinse off the stirring stick. Set to the side to dry.

    Step 29

    Now it's time to enjoy your cup of delicious coffee.

    Step 30