How to Make a Cucumber Leaf

by mason johnson

A cucumber leaf


  • 2-3 Cucumbers for multiple leaves
  • 1 Cutting board
  • 1 Paring knife
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Set up the cutting board and place the cucumber on top of the cutting board.

    Step 2

    Slice about an inch to an inch and half off the edge of each end of the cucumber.

    Step 3

    Slice off about a fourth of the side of the cucumber. Set the bigger half aside.

    Step 4

    Slice off small right triangles at the bottom of the cucumber as pictured.

    Step 5

    Now cut the cucumber to a point at the top and slice strips off each side of the cucumber slightly rounding the cuts as pictured.

    Step 6

    Make the edges of the inside of the cucumber smooth and now the inside of the cucumber should now have flat bottom edges with a valley in the center.

    Step 7

    Cut out the seeds out of the center of the cucumber.

    Step 8

    Cut 4 parallel lines through the skin of the cucumber and remove the skin between the 1st and 2nd and the 3rd and 4th lines as pictured.

    Step 9

    Now cut three small oval holes on each side of the cucumber equally spread out the holes.

    Step 10

    Now cut 2 small triangles out of each side without cutting into the holes.

    Step 11

    The final product should look as pictured.