How to Make a Clothespin Inspiration Board With Twine

by Denise Hahn

A board, some hot glue, clothes pins and some cool bakers twine from The Twinery is all you need!


  • 12 Inches Board
  • hot glue
  • 4 Yards Bakers Twine
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Paint your pins to your liking and let completely dry (tip: clip onto a paper plate so they don't dry shut) This is optional you can also just eave them natural

    Step 2

    place a drop of hot glue on the inner side of pin. Attach end of twine and wrap...

    Step 3

    tip: don't pull tight- loose fit covers better and the twine looks better!

    Step 4

    When your down to this end, put another line of glue, and attach the last wrap

    Step 5

    Trim down to about a half inch, then use a needle to slide underneath to hide end. You can also just glue it down but its not as clean looking.

    Step 6

    Next figure out where you want your pins. Measure and find the center, then work out from there. Make a small mark where you want each pin

    Step 7

    then using the pin as a guide make a pencil line that is nice and straight for you to follow along when you lay your hot glue down- just a medium thick line- or it will squirt out the sides.

    Step 8

    attach all 4 and let dry completely, and attach all of your inspirations! you can find me at I am a designer for the The Twinery.