How to Make a Clay Carrot!

by Jo Jo Hudnall

Cool Carrot you can easily make!


  • Orange Clay
  • Green Clay
  • Something Sharp
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get your supplies.

    Step 2

    Should need this much if making small carrot.

    Step 3

    Grab the green and roll it out very skinny like so.

    Step 4

    Get sharp thing (I'm using a clay tool) to cut three small green roll outs.

    Step 5

    May have some left but you don't need it.

    Step 6

    You should have something like this once done.

    Step 7

    Grab Your orange.

    Step 8

    Roll out but at the end of it have carrot shape.

    Step 9

    Cut it off.

    Step 10

    Should look something like this.

    Step 11

    Grab all supplies.

    Step 12

    Stick all three green things together.

    Step 13

    Put on top of carrot shape.

    Step 14

    Grab clay tool.

    Step 15

    Do something like this.

    Step 16


    Step 17

    Some other clay pieces I did.