How to Make a Chatterbox

by Lois Vodicka


  • 1 A4 Paper
  • 1 Scissors
  • 4 Colored pencils/pens
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    So just start off with a blank A4 sheet of paper...

    Step 2

    ...fold the corner like so...⬆

    Step 3

    And now it's time to take out your scissors!

    Step 4

    With your scissors cut off the part of paper you didn't fold over so now it looks like this...⬆

    Step 5

    Once you've done that fold your paper in half

    Step 6

    Now open up your paper, so it looks like a square

    Step 7

    Then fold a corner of your paper into the middle

    Step 8

    Now repeat folding all the other corners...

    Step 9

    ...and turn over your paper, and do the same to that side...

    Step 10

    ...until you have this...⬆

    Step 11

    Now fold your paper in half...

    Step 12

    ...and you will find at the bottom of your paper there's little slots you can fit you thumb and pointer fingers though, do that then push up!

    Step 13

    But you can't have a chatterbox with out colour! So take out your coloured pencils/pens and start decorating!