How to Make a Candleholder

by Yasmin Fitzgerald

How to make big a metal candle holder.


  • Flat bar
  • Sheet metal
  • Vice
  • File
  • Scribe
  • Ball pein hammer
  • Wooden mallet
  • Dish mould
  • Scroll mould
  • Drill press
  • Guillotine
  • Tin snips
  • Metal ruler
  • Divider
  • Sanding paper
  • Safety glasses
  • Apron
  • Pop rivet gun
  • Pop rivet
  • Hacksaw
  • Centre punch
  • Drill bit
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This is a guide on how to make a metal candleholder

    Step 2

    This is a guide on how to make a big metal candleholder.

    Step 3

    I'm starting with my flatbar first. Use a metal ruler and a scribe and mark out however much flatbar you need.

    Step 4

    Use the hacksaw to saw off the flatbar. Repeat however many times you need.

    Step 5

    Once you've finished, use the file and file the edges until smooth.

    Step 6

    Scroll the flatbar around the mould to the shape you want.

    Step 7

    Use the scribe and mark 2cm from the end of the flatbar.

    Step 8

    Use the ball pein hammer and centre punch to make a little hole to make it easier to drill.

    Step 9

    Use the centre punch and ball pein hammer again to punch a hole in the middle of the flatbar.

    Step 10

    To make legs, use the ball pein hammer to hammer the shape of the legs.

    Step 11

    Drill a hole where you marked using the drill press, don't forget to wear safety glasses

    Step 12

    You are now finished the flat bar, now onto the wax catcher.

    Step 13

    Measure out a piece of sheet metal 7x7 using the metal ruler and scribe

    Step 14

    Cut the sheet metal using the guillotine

    Step 15

    Mark a cross into the metal so you can find the centre

    Step 16

    Using the divider, mark a circle into the metal

    Step 17

    Using the centre punch and ball pein hammer, punch a hole where the middle of the cross is

    Step 18

    Use the tin snips and cut out the circle as well as you can

    Step 19

    Secure the metal into the vice and file the metal so it has no sharp edges

    Step 20

    Then, using a ball pein hammer and mould, hammer from the outside to the inside to make a curved shape

    Step 21

    Then drill a hole in the centre of your dish

    Step 22

    You then pop rivet your dishes onto your pieces and weld if needed

    Step 23

    Then use sandpaper and sand your candleholder until it's smooth

    Step 24

    You can then paint it or just leave it as is and use it whenever you want!