How to Make a Bookshelf Out of Cardboard Boxes

by Myranda @girlofalltrades19 on Instagram

Easy to do and a great way to reuse boxes to create extra storage.


Step 1

Measure the space where your bookshelf will be. Measure how deep and how and wide the boxes need to be, then find 3 or 4 boxes that conform to those measurements.

Step 2

Here are the 3 boxes I will be using.

Step 3

Using scissors or an exacto knife, cut off all of the flaps from all of the boxes

Step 4

Just cut along the fold.

Step 5

(Flaps removed).

Step 6

Make sure all of your stuff will fit. If not, get one more box.

Step 7

Step 8

Rotate the boxes so that the opening is facing the left. Using duct tape, tape all of the corners where the boxes meet. Rotate the boxes so the opening is to the right, and do the same.

Step 9

Tape in the middle of where the boxes meet.

Step 10

Tape the sides of the boxes where two boxes meet, and tape the top/bottom of where the boxes meet in the front to create the shelves.

Step 11

Tada! There you go! You are done! You can paint it if you want, but mine is going in my closet, so I chose not to do that. Don’t forget to like and follow! Thanks! πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜ƒ