How to Make a Birthday Cake Fit for a Princess

by Joseph Feiertag

For my sister who, always wanted a Princess cake for her Birthday. Happy Birthday Sis!


  • 3 Layers of your favorite cake
  • Vanilla butter cream frosting;
  • Recipe to follow
  • Fondant and fondant tools
  • Rolling pin
  • Powdered sugar
  • Food coloring
  • Royal icing, recipe to follow
  • 1 Tiara!
  • Cake stand to display your princess cake
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    I like to slice the tops off of the cakes to flatten them out a bit. It also serves as a snack while your decorating the cake.

    Step 2

    The chocolate butter cream frosting is the same recipe as the vanilla butter cream recipe with the addition of 1 cup of cocoa and 2 tbls of brewed coffee to help melt the cocoa.

    Step 3

    Board, 3 layers of cake ( baked at an earlier time ) filling and frostings are ready.

    Step 4

    First layer of frosting is on between the first layers.

    Step 5

    I put the second layer of cake on top, cut side up.

    Step 6

    Frosting on the second layer of cake.

    Step 7

    Now the third layer is paced on top

    Step 8

    Butter cream frosting; 3/4 cup butter, 3/4 cup shortening, 6 cups powdered sugar, 1 tsp. Vanilla extract, approx 2 tbls water. Cream butter and shortening. Stir in powdered sugar slowly.

    Step 9

    Blend on low until all the powdered sugar is absorbed by the butter and shortening. Mix on medium for a minute. Add vanilla. Mix on low and stir in water, mix until smooth and almost no air bubbles

    Step 10

    Preparing the vanilla butter cream frosting for the crumb coat and for the layer of frosting under the rolled fondant.

    Step 11

    First, we're going to crumb coat the cake. Crumb coat is a very thin coating of frosting to hide seams in the cake and to cover and have all the crumbs stick so they can not be seen in the fondant.

    Step 12

    This layer of the frosting is very thin and it's ok to see the cake through the frosting. This is is just the crumb coat, we are going to refrost the cake and then cover it with rolled fondant.

    Step 13

    Second coat of frosting is applied. Making it smooth and crumb free. Set aside, let's work on the fondant.

    Step 14

    Set aside.

    Step 15

    One piece of purchased fondant from my local specialty cake and candy shop. About 1 1/2 lbs. removed from container the fondant needs to be worked soft and pliable. Make sure work surface is clean!

    Step 16

    I like to use purchased fondant because of its consistency, it saves time from making it, and it's perfect all the time.

    Step 17

    1 or 2 drops of coloring will be enough to color this piece of fondant. Kneed the coloring in with both hands, work the fondant on a surface dusted lightly with powdered sugar to prevent sticking.

    Step 18

    It takes a few minutes to kneed the color into the fondant.

    Step 19

    Drop number 2. I also like to wear rubber or latex gloves to keep my hands from turning colors.

    Step 20

    Color is now all blended in.

    Step 21

    Prepare the area for rolling. Make sure the surface is very clean! If not, the fondant will pick up anything left behind on the work surface.

    Step 22

    Roll out the fondant large enough to cover the cake and the board.

    Step 23

    Step 24

    Rolling the fondant is like rolling out pie dough. You need to lightly dust the surface with powdered sugar between rolling and flip it over, carefully to roll the other side. Roll to 1/8 inch thick

    Step 25

    I use a large cardboard tube to roll up and lift the fondant off the work surface and unroll it over the cake.

    Step 26

    The delicate part is to stretch and pull the fondant over the side of the cake creating no gaps, folds or seams making it one uniform piece.

    Step 27

    Once the fondant has been applied to the cake we can trim off some extra fondant using a pizza wheel. Use fondant smoothers or paddles to smooth out the fondant and to remove air pockets.

    Step 28

    Now that the fondant is totally smooth we can cut off the extra fondant up to the edge of the cake with a pizza wheel. You are ready to start decorating your princess cake.

    Step 29

    This is a a fondant quilting die. It gets pressed into the side of the cake leaving an imprint into the fondant.

    Step 30

    This step is repeated all around the cake to create the quilted affect.

    Step 31

    Using a fondant decorating tool to create the "stitch" at each corner of the quilted diamond.

    Step 32

    The same tool is used to create the "dimple stitch" where the bead will sit.

    Step 33

    Royal Icing recipe; 2 egg whites, 2-3 cups sifted powdered sugar, 1/2 tsp cream of tartar.

    Step 34

    Royal icing is used like "glue" to hold the gold beads in place.

    Step 35

    Egg whites and cream of tartar are whipped into soft peaks.

    Step 36

    Powdered sugar is added and whipped with a paddle until thick and firm and the consistency of butter cream frosting. Whip for about 5 minutes.

    Step 37

    It's ready for some color...

    Step 38

    It takes very little coloring to make this pink. Just a drop.

    Step 39

    Mix until the color is fully blended.

    Step 40

    It's a perfect match!

    Step 41

    Keep the royal icing covered with a damp towel. It dries quickly.

    Step 42

    Prepare a pastry bag fitted with a round tip. Put your royal icing in the bag. Pipe a tiny amount into the round small center stitch. Then place a gold bead onto each piped pink dot.

    Step 43

    Continue to fill each center stitch with a tiny pink dot of royal icing and gold bead. Using a larger round tip, pipe a boarder around the bottom and board of the cake.

    Step 44

    Almost done ... it needs a tiara!

    Step 45

    Princess for a day! Happy Birthday Sis!

    Step 46

    Pretty Princess Birthday Cake!

    Step 47


    Step 48

    Thank you for viewing my guide. Please check out many of my other great dessert guides. Enjoy!