How to Make a Beaded Mini Gecko

by Claudia Trottier

Hope you enjoy this easy beaded creature! This guide may seem long but it is a very short process. I just chopped it up to show you guys. Follow me for more beaded creatures and many different crafts.


  • 25 Inches Embroidery Cord/String/Wire
  • Pony Beads
  • Key Ring *Optional*
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Step 2

    Measure and cut out your cord, string, wire, or ribbon. (25 inches)

    Step 3

    Fold the string in half

    Step 4

    Then tie a knot so you end up with this loop. You may want to make your loop bigger if your not using key rings.

    Step 5

    If you have a key ring, attach the loop into the ring.

    Step 6

    This is the gecko design. You do not have to use the same colour. Pick your colours and place them in this shape/design. But defiantly have black for the eyes.

    Step 7

    You will be doing this layer by layer. First slide your 1st layer/level aside.

    Step 8

    Put that layer on one of the strings

    Step 9

    Now slip the other string through, also.

    Step 10

    Pull on both the strings, moving upwards. You should have this

    Step 11

    Slide aside another layer.

    Step 12

    Do the same method. Put that layer on one of the strings, slip the other string through, then pull up. Now you should have this.

    Step 13

    Slide aside another layer.

    Step 14

    Same method. Pull up, and you should have this.

    Step 15

    Now grab the leg on the left.

    Step 16

    Pull the string through them.

    Step 17

    Here is a video. In this, you are only working with one string.

    Step 18

    Pull on the string and push the beads upward.

    Step 19

    Grab the right leg and do the same process but the opposite way.

    Step 20

    Pull up and here is the product so far.

    Step 21

    String on the rest of the beads/body with the same method as step 7-14.

    Step 22

    If you have done it right so far, you should have a tail and 2 legs left.

    Step 23

    The same process as the upper legs. Make sure that which ever leg and string you have (left or right) is looped in the right direction.

    Step 24

    *The Product*

    Step 25

    Same goes the other leg.

    Step 26

    *The Product*

    Step 27

    For the tail, you are doing the same process as the body and head but one bead at a time.

    Step 28

    *The Product*

    Step 29

    This is the product with the tail.

    Step 30

    Now tie a knot like this.

    Step 31

    Do it a couple times then cut off the extra string. If you can't glue the knot right now (like me) cut leaving a bit of excess to be safe.

    Step 32

    Here is your mini gecko! So cute! Ready to be clipped onto your zippers,key chains,etc.

    Step 33

    Here is your mini gecko! So cute!

    Step 34

    Comment any animal or insect you want to see a guide on next.