How to Make a Bakers Twine Gift Card Holder

by Denise Hahn

make giving a gift card special with The Twinery Twine


  • 3 Yards Bakers Twine from The Twinery
  • Cardstock for card base
  • solid cardstock to sew on
  • Tapestry Needle
  • ruler
  • Foam Squares
  • scissors
  • paper trimmer
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start with your solid card stock. I use a piece bigger than what I need and cut to size after. Measure a 2x2 square and make tiny dots at each quarter inch

    Step 2

    Now take the tapestry needle and pre punch a hole at each mark. I used a piece of foam core under neath, you can use felt or any other soft surface- just try not to bend the paper

    Step 3

    Cut approximately 1 yard of twine and thread it by licking the end and pressing it flat between your fingers. Slip through and gently pull through. You can use beeswax if you don't like licking twine!

    Step 4

    leave a tail of about three inches

    Step 5

    Start at the back, at one whole in from any corner as shown

    Step 6

    come up, then over to the hole directly across and go down as shown

    Step 7

    (backside) now just jump over to the next hole and go up again

    Step 8

    continue to go across, over and up as shown

    Step 9

    this is what the front should start looking like

    Step 10

    after you hit all the row on one side, come up through the next side one hole in as shown, and then go across the other way

    Step 11

    weaving as shown

    Step 12

    when you come over and up again, weave once more alternating starting on top and bottom of first twine. Use your finger to help you weave

    Step 13

    Soon you will need to tie off and start another 1 yard piece of twine. The reason why I don't start with two yards is it causes too much strain on the paper and will start to twirl and knot.

    Step 14

    Now that you finished all the cross hatching you will come up on the closest corner to where you ended

    Step 15

    go down to next hole (where scissor tip is pointing) then up through the next hole over (to the left)

    Step 16

    then go over and down back through the hole I had pointed out in the last slide with scissors, as shown

    Step 17

    okay stay with me here !hat hole you just did- now go back to than one and up through again!

    Step 18

    now over and down then next empty hole

    Step 19

    come back up through the last hole, then up and over one last time. I know this is a little confusing- but just think that if you came up out of the same hole, you would undo the stitch- so you...

    Step 20

    secure it first by going through the other holes. Ill show you back...

    Step 21

    see just in and out up and over, even if the back is a mess, don't worry it won't show! Now tie it off and snip the twine

    Step 22

    with the leftovers of that last yard of twine, make a little bow by tiring onto the top edge of the "present"

    Step 23

    now onto the card assembly

    Step 24

    choose a background cardstock and fold into a card- I used a 6x12 piece folded in half to make a 6x6 card

    Step 25

    I trimmed my present down to approximately 4.5x4.5 inch

    Step 26

    I punched out a dim style "for you" but you can make any sentiments, or used alpha stickers or a stamp

    Step 27

    attach to your present base

    Step 28

    add foam squares to give dimension and help hide the back

    Step 29

    to make your gift card holder- open your card and place the gift card where you want it. Mark all four corners- as shown- don't get it- see finished card to see where I made my marks

    Step 30

    start at the bottom left hole and go down into it...

    Step 31

    leave 6 or so inches to tie your bow

    Step 32

    go under and across to the hole to bottom hole to the right and come up

    Step 33

    then continue going in and out following the hole counter clockwise. leave another 6 inch tail

    Step 34

    add your card and tie a bow with the twine

    Step 35

    I added some of my solid card stock in case I want to write anything inside

    Step 36

    and it done! I love to make a special card when I am giving a gift card- just makes it more special

    Step 37

    Step 38

    Step 39

    Step 40

    Step 41

    Thanks for watching this guide. I am designer for The Twinery buy their twine online at -Denise Hahn, my blog