How to Make a Back to School Planner Set With Graphic 45

by PL Li

What a cool idea to make a planner set to welcome the new school year, together with some note cards, a pen stand and a little storage box. Handmade one and start planning to have a good new year now!


  • Mixed Media Album-Ivory 4501023
  • World's Fair Ephemera Cards 4501182
  • World's Fair Sticker 4501181
  • Rare Oddities Paper Rare Oddities 4501142
  • Rare Oddities Paper Articles of Antiquity 4501147
  • Rare Oddities Sticker 4501156
  • Rare Oddities Ephemera Cards 4501157
  • Home Sweet Home Paper Country Life 4501069
  • Home Sweet Home Paper Granny's Quilt 4501070
  • Home Sweet Home Paper Apple Pie 4501071
  • Home Sweet Home Sticker 4501081
  • Home Sweet Home Journaling Chipboard 4501080
  • Time to Flourish 12x12 Pad 4501055
  • Time to Flourish 8x8 Pad 4501054
  • Time to Flourish Tags & Pockets 4501056
  • Time to Flourish Banners 4501058
  • Time to Flourish Decorative Chipboard 4501059
  • Time to Flourish Decorative Chipboard 4501059
  • Time to Flourish Decorative Stickers 4501061
  • Time to Flourish Alphabet Sticker 4501062
  • Time to Flourish Ephemera Cards 4501063
  • Mother Goose Paper Sunshine Stripe 4500751
  • Mother Goose Paper Storytime 4500747
  • Mother Goose Paper Playful Postage 4500750
  • Mother Goose Stickers 4500760
  • Stamped Metal Brads 4500422
  • Chipboard
  • Black Wire
  • Orange Beads
  • Metal Embellishments
  • Star Blinkies
  • Wooden Crystal Buttons
  • Color Wooden Clothpins
  • Upcycle Yogurt Bottle
  • Ribbons
  • Toilet Tissue Roll
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Cut chipboard into size that fit for the Mixed Media Album, with one face open

    Step 2

    Adhere the chipboard pieces into shape

    Step 3

    Cover the box with your favourite Graphic 45 papers

    Step 4

    Cut chipboard pieces and adhere into shape which fit for the 3x4inch cards to slide in

    Step 5

    Cover the card top with your favourite Graphic 45 papers and left 1/4" to be adhere on the planner box

    Step 6

    Adhere on the top of the box, its cool

    Step 7

    Die cut one piece of chipboard and two pieces of papers for the funny fan

    Step 8

    Cut out chipboard pieces and form into shape, as the standing base of the fan

    Step 9

    Cover the stand with your favourtie Graphic 45 papers, use tools to form a curve base for the upcycle yogurt bottle

    Step 10

    Adhere the upcycle yogurt bottle on the stand with super strong glue

    Step 11

    Die cut chipboard pieces and papers as the decorative accents on the front of the fan

    Step 12

    Adhere the three layers together

    Step 13

    Make a hole at the back of the yogurt for putting through the black wire

    Step 14

    Put through the black wire and turn it into shape, this will be the handle of the fan

    Step 15

    Make a turn of the black wire, so the beads putting inside can be moved when you turn

    Step 16

    Put the beads and adhere the front of the fan with strong glue

    Step 17

    Die cut leaves shape with chipboard pieces and papers, adhere well

    Step 18

    Die cut two pieces of circle chipboard pieces, adhere the leaves in between like sandwiches, punch a small hole for the black wire

    Step 19

    Put the black wire through and fix it

    Step 20

    As only the stand is not steady enough, I use a die cut to help making the extra legs

    Step 21

    Every legs width 1", which consist of three pieces of chipboard and cover with paper on both sides

    Step 22

    These are the legs for the funny fan

    Step 23

    Step 24

    Mark 2-1/2" round the toilet tissue roll

    Step 25

    Cut with cutter, you don't need to make it perfect

    Step 26

    Cover with your favourite Graphic 45 papers, left 1/2" on both sides

    Step 27

    Cut the leftover 1/2" into shapes, which make easier for you to fold and adhere

    Step 28

    This is how it looks after finishing all the cuts

    Step 29

    Adhere the base and the top

    Step 30

    You can now place on top of the planner box to see what it looks

    Step 31

    The last main elements of this planner set is the little storage box, I've made it 2-1/2" cube, open top for the extra lid

    Step 32

    Step 33

    Cut two pieces of the chipboard for the lid of the little storage box

    Step 34

    Cover with your favorite Graphic 45 papers, only one side of each chipboard is fine

    Step 35

    Adhere them together, the smaller piece will be the bottom so your lid can stay without moving

    Step 36

    Decorate the lid and done

    Step 37

    Add on some letters to decorate the planner set

    Step 38

    By the side of the planner box, cut out some paper pieces and use some stickers to decorate

    Step 39

    The other side of the planner box

    Step 40

    Stickers to decorate the pen stand

    Step 41

    Stickers, wood pieces and metal embellishments to decorate the little storage box

    Step 42

    Use strong glue to adhere the die cut letters

    Step 43

    Use chipboard as accents for the funny fan

    Step 44

    You can decorate the planner however you like with Graphic 45 papers and cards

    Step 45

    Punch hole on some accents to decorate the planner

    Step 46

    Use the pocket pages inside the Mixed Media Album for cards

    Step 47

    Cover the front of the Mixed Media Album with your favorite Graphic 45 papers, reminds not to bulky with the decoration as you need to slide inside the box

    Step 48

    You have to make the planner box just fit on the top, otherwise the box cannot support the weight of all the decorations