How to Make 2 Gallons of Kombucha

by Paleo Mari


  • 1 2 gallon glass vessel
  • 2 Cups organic cane sugar
  • 10 Teaspoons Loose leaf tea
  • 2 Gallons Distiller water
  • 1 Scoby
  • 2 Cups Starter liquid
  • 1 Tight woven cloth
  • 1 Large rubber band
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Start by boiling 8 cups of distilled water. As soon as it starts to boil put Ito your glass vessel.

    Step 2

    Take the loose leaf tea and add to the water

    Step 3

    Steep the tea for 5-7 minutes

    Step 4

    Add in the 2 cups of sugar

    Step 5

    Stir it up until its fully dissolved. I know what your thinking 2 cups of sugar??? Check out my blog for more info on kombucha.

    Step 6

    Add another gallon of distilled water to the mixture.

    Step 7

    Wash your hands thoroughly and then splash some vinegar on your hands. Your scoby is sensitive!

    Step 8

    Make sure that the water went down to lukewarm temputure. Test it with your hands. Take that beautiful little miracle and add it in

    Step 9

    Put the 2 cups of starter liquid in. Your scoby needs a little help.

    Step 10


    Step 11

    Cover with your cloth and secure with the big rubber band.

    Step 12

    Say your intention or prayer to your kombucha. Put it in a dark place with open air. A good tempurture should be 73-80 degrees.

    Step 13

    Let this be for 7 days and leave it alone. No touching no peaking! Taste w straw. If too sweet give it another day- to tart less time next time! Enjoy this miracle brew :)