How to Lose Fat in Thighs but Tone Them Too

by Emily McLemore


Step 1

This is me, one year ago. I thought about using my very thin teenage daughter for this tutorial, but I decided to give you a realistic guide instead! The following pictures are of me after a workout

Step 2

And remember, I'm no doctor. Just a mom and runner sharing my moves! So I offer no advice or guarantees or anything!

Step 3

Before you start doing the toning exercises, go do a five minute walk. Then jog for 30 seconds to 3 minutes spending on your fitness level.

Step 4

Now make a bridge. Keep your abs tight and lift your rear high. Hold while you count to five. If this is too easy, lift one leg straight out and pulse for 10. Change legs and pulse for 10.

Step 5

Lower your rear almost to the ground by bending your arms. We might as well get a little arm work here too!

Step 6

Raise back up and repeat the exercise 2 more times.

Step 7

Now lay back and raise both legs to 90 degrees. Lift your rear straight up off the ground. Try to make your feet go straight up to the sky. Don't bring them to your face as you lift up.

Step 8

Lower your legs towards the ground. Keep your back flat on ground and pull your abs in tight.

Step 9

Spread legs as wide as possible. Bring back together and raise legs back to starting point at 90 degrees. This was one cycle. Do this 10 times total.

Step 10

Now raise one leg straight off the ground at an angle. Raise opposite arm in air. Balance a second.

Step 11

Bring knee and elbow together. Then send arm and leg back out. Try to not lower leg to the ground! Repeat 10 times.

Step 12

Change sides and repeat 10 times!

Step 13

Nope, my elbow doesn't touch my knee. Keep your back tall, don't hunch over. It's more about the twist and raising the knee than trying to make the elbow and knee touch!

Step 14

Time for squats. Squat down..lower rear, don't just bend forward. It looks like I just bent forward, but I looked up at camera. Try to touch the back of your heel.

Step 15

Now stand up lifting one knee.

Step 16

Squat down, touch heel, stand and raise other knee. That's one! Complete 10.

Step 17

Now sit down and Hold one knee and keeping the other leg straight, raise it off the ground a few inches. Foot is relaxed, pointing forward slightly. Raise and lower leg 10 times. Change legs.

Step 18

Trade legs again and now spread your leg in and out. If you need to, you can place your arms behind you for stability. Do this 10 times. Change legs and do 10 again.

Step 19

Now, change legs again and this time, rotate your leg so that your foot points out! You will feel the difference immediately! Raise and lower leg straight up and down 10 times!

Step 20

Alternate legs. 10 more up and downs with leg rotated out.

Step 21

20 side to side jumps. I like to use a crack in the sidewalk as a guide!

Step 22

Just little jumps from side to side.

Step 23

Finish with 20 jumping jacks!

Step 24

This was one round! Now walk/jog for 3 minutes and repeat the entire workout starting with the bridge. If you are just starting out, try to do 4 rounds. Work up to 10 cycles!