How to Lock Your iPhone if Your Power Button Is Broken

by Tanya Torres

The power or home button on your iPhone broken ? It's okay, this guide will show you how to still use them but just a little differently & much much more.


Step 1

Go to your Home Screen & Go to your Settings.

Step 2

Once you're at the Settings, Go to General.

Step 3

Once you're in the General Settings of your iPhone, you'll want to look for the Accessibility tab. Towards the bottom.

Step 4

Go to the Accessibility tab.

Step 5

Once you're in the Accessibility tab, scroll down to the bottom to find the Physical & Motor section.

Step 6

In the Physical & Motor section click on AssistiveTouch tab

Step 7

Turn the AssistiveTouch on. Then a small transparent square with a white circle in the middle with appear in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 8

Unfortunately, when I use the AssistiveTouch Square on my screen to take a snapshot of my screen the square disappears to take the screenshot. So I have to explain it through text.

Step 9

It's very easy to use. My power button is stuck so I use the AssistiveTouch. You just press on the square with the circle in it & it should have, Favorites, Voice Control, Device & Home buttons.

Step 10

It expands out once you have clicked on it. But then click on Device. It will say rotate screen, lock screen, Volume up & Volume down & More. C

Step 11

Click on Lock Screen & it will lock your screen or if you want to take a Screen Shot. Click on more & it should say Gestures, Screen Shot, Multitasking & Shake. Click on Screen Shot.

Step 12

& There's your Screen Shot ! It does more. You can explore the AssistiveTouch & what else It can do. If you simply want to go back. There should be a little arrow in the middle & that's it.

Step 13

If you have any questions about the AssistiveTouch or General iPhone questions just ask. I've been experimenting with the iPhone & found out many tricks to fix common problems. Enjoy !

Step 14

I finally got a picture of the AssistiveTouch Button. Hope it gives you a better visual