How to Link an Image to a QR Code With iPad and iPhone

by Digital Roadtrip

Drop box works well but sometimes, when Dropbox can't be used we need an alternative!


  • iPad/iPhone
  • An Image u want to share via a qr code
  • PushMo website
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    On your iPad.....Go to httpc://

    Step 2

    Select your image

    Step 3

    Tap browse and select the image on your iPad camera roll. Then tap upload.

    Step 4

    Let the image upload ;-)

    Step 5

    Tapping the link doesn't work. Don't worry.

    Step 6

    Hold the image and choose open new tab. This tab will open to the right of the current page.

    Step 7

    Select the new tab and the image will be there in full size!

    Step 8

    Tap share button on the browser and copy to clipboard.

    Step 9

    Launch your fave QR code reader (i use RED LASER IPHONE APP) and paste the URL - then create/generate the QR code.