How to Layer Mediums Using the Gel Press by Kathy Adams

by Art Anthology

Layering Art Anthology's Velvet and Sorbet mediums using the Gel Press printing plate creates beautiful results. Add fun stamps and a butterfly punch to create this cute elephant canvas.


  • Fiji Velvet
  • Lagoon Velvet
  • Mardi Gras Velvet
  • Tango Velvet
  • Fiesta Velvet
  • Cayman Sorbet
  • Viridian Sorbet
  • Amber Gemstones
  • Rhodolite Gemstones
  • Juicy Colorations Spray
  • Waimea Bay Colorations Spray
  • Patience Colorations Spray
  • Wild Orchid Colorations Spray
  • Gel Press Plate 8" x 10"
  • Mixed Media Paper
  • 1/4" Masking Tape
  • 8" x 16" Burlap Canvas
  • Natalie Kalbach "N Studios" Elephant Stamp Set
  • Butterfly Punch
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    If you have never used a Gel Press printing plate, you need to and you will be addicted! I love using Art Anthology mediums with Gel Press because they are best when layered.

    Step 2

    Add a small amount of Fiesta and Mardi Gras Velvet and Rhodolite Gemstones to the Press and use a brayer to smooth out. Stamp the foam elephant stamp onto the plate and print using mixed media paper.

    Step 3

    I printed several of this color using the solid side and the decorative side of the elephant stamp. Then I used Lagoon and Fiji Velvets to stamp the pattern onto one of the solid elephants.

    Step 4

    Use Tuxedo Velvet on the Plate and press the elephant rubber stamp onto it to "ink" up. I love to use the Plate in this way. Then pull a print and you have a mirror image of the stamp.

    Step 5

    Stamp it onto another purple elephant. Later I will cut them out.

    Step 6

    To embellish the elephants. I used a decorative background stamp and Lagoon and Fiji Velvets to make a pattern on the Gel Press. I stamped onto card stock after making each impression on the plate.

    Step 7

    Using the card stock that I stamped off onto, spray Waimea Bay Colorations Spray to color the background. The paint resists the spray and makes a pretty background against the green pattern.

    Step 8

    Brayer Cayman Sorbet and Fiji Velvet onto the plate and stamp the image. Use the elephant rubber stamp to make the image on the plate. I used this to embellish one of the elephants for the canvas.

    Step 9

    I did the same thing to this print and sprayed it with Colorations Spray.

    Step 10

    Next, spray mixed media paper with Wild Orchid Colorations Spray and then spread Amber Gemstones through the Retro stencil.

    Step 11

    I love this combination! Let it dry completely.

    Step 12

    Punch butterflies out of this pattered paper.

    Step 13

    Add black tacks to the perimeter of the burlap canvas. I spaced them an inch apart.

    Step 14

    Step 15

    Add Mardi Gras and Rhodolite onto the Press and pressed the elephant foam stamp to make the patterns.

    Step 16

    Press the tape onto the Plate. The result was very light. It needed more layers, of course!

    Step 17

    For the next layer, I used Tango and Amber and the rubber stamp to add the pattern.

    Step 18

    The next layer I added blues with the decorative background stamp. I also added some gold to the tape.

    Step 19

    Time to put it all together. I used paint pens to add some embellishments to the elephants and added the eyes.

    Step 20

    The tape had lost some of it's stickiness so I attached it with matte medium, which dries clear. Everything else was glued down with Beacon 3 in 1 liquid glue.

    Step 21

    I love how this canvas turned out and I hope that I have inspired you to use Art Anthology mediums on your printing plate.