How to Kick a Soccer Ball/knuckle the Ball.

by emmanuel marquez

Kicking a soccer ball correctly . and knuckling the ball


  • Cleats
  • Soccer ball
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Get a pair of cleats that fit you perfect .

    Step 2

    Get a ball size 5 if your in middle school and up

    Step 3

    how you run up the ball is important you can't be so close or to far for the kick.

    Step 4

    Your going to want to plant your non kicking foot beside the ball in a comfortable position for you.

    Step 5

    you wanna bring your kicking leg all the way back for power

    Step 6

    Your going to want to kick the ball anywhere in the center of the ball for a knuckle ball. kick the lower part of the ball for a high ball. kick the top part of the ball for a low on the ground ball.

    Step 7

    the kick should spin and curve if you do it right.

    Step 8

    and if you do this right the ball shouldn't spin at all and it will knuckle a powerful kick.

    Step 9

    This is all the steps In motion