How to Keyboard SMS Shortcut Tips and Tricks iPhone/iPad

by Darrel Valencia


Step 1

You can use keyboard shortcuts in many useful ways like 1. Email Signatures 2. Long Email Address 3. Words like "On my Way Home" and many more. it depends on your needs. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES

Step 2

if you have many email address. for work and personal use. you can use a custom signature for your email address by just using shortcut commands.

Step 3

Just by typing "sig1" you can have a custom signature. after typing sig1 you can press return or spacebar to create your signature.

Step 4

Step 5

NOTE: Since New Line (Enter Key) cannot be done in shortcuts. you can just edit and manually add a new line from each word. this is useful if you have long signatures.

Step 6

Here's another useful example. specially if you have long emails that takes time to be typed.

Step 7

You can have many email addresses as you want from 1-10 and more.

Step 8


Step 9

Setting > General > Keyboard

Step 10

Tap Shorcuts

Step 11

Tap the Plus sign on the upper right corner to create one

Step 12

Enter the Phrase and shortcut (the one you will type for the phrase to appear)

Step 13

Hope this Helps. FOLLOW ME and ill upload some tips and tricks for your Apple devices.