How to Keep Cheap Earrings From Irritating Piercings

by Eva Frye

Do your piercings get irritated from surgical steel? Here's a cheap trick to coat them so you can wear any earrings without irritation!


  • 1 Pair surgical steel (or other cheap) earrings
  • Clear nail polish
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Here's a pair of cheap earrings I'd like to be able to wear, but surgical steel always irritates my piercings.

    Step 2

    Just take the earrings and some clear polish (I highly recommend this top coat for manicures! Super shiny)

    Step 3

    And evenly coat all parts that will touch your skin.

    Step 4

    Leave to dry for several minutes...

    Step 5

    Et, voila! Irritation free earrings! If irritation continues, try another coat. May have missed some spots :) enjoy!