How to Just Play in Your Art Journal

by Art Anthology

Just play in your Art Journal and go with the flow. I've diecut the flowers from a stencil-cleanup-page.


  • Granny Smith Colorations Color Spray
  • Glorious Colorations Color Spray
  • Barbie Colorations Color Spray
  • Peacock Feathers Colorations Color Spray
  • Chevron Stencil 6x9 list
  • gesso
  • palette knife
  • stamp from Magenta
  • Die from Simon Says Stamp
  • embossing powder white
  • embossing powder clear
  • Gothic Stencil
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Apply gesso over the pages and stamp in it with a script. Leave to dry.

    Step 2

    This is what it looks like after stamping in the gesso.

    Step 3

    Spray over it with Granny Smith, Glorious and Peacock Feathers Colorations Sprays and leave to dry.

    Step 4

    I like how the color enhances the stamped script.

    Step 5

    Great, isn't it?

    Step 6

    Spray with Barbie Colorations spray using the Chevron stencil. Leave to dry.

    Step 7

    A close-up!

    Step 8

    LOVE it...

    Step 9

    Add some red sponging with distress inks to add more reddish parts.

    Step 10

    Heat emboss the red sponging with clear embossing powder.

    Step 11

    Spray more of the Glorious Colorations Spray. (I wanted it to be more yellowish).

    Step 12

    You can see the clear heat embossing here.

    Step 13

    Add white highlighting with a white acrylic marker as shown.

    Step 14

    Stamp a script partially on several parts of the pages and heat emboss in white.

    Step 15

    A close-up...

    Step 16

    Grab yourself a page of bookpaper to which you cleaned up a stencil to match the colors in the background. This was a leftover from the monoprinting I did in my previous post for Art Anthology.

    Step 17

    Cut several sizes of flowers from this colored bookpaper, and adhere it to the page as shown.

    Step 18

    The other side - I like the randomness of color on the flowers.

    Step 19

    Draw a black line in a sketchy way around the edges of the flowers to make them pop a little.

    Step 20

    As you can see: I also adhered one over the fold to make the 2 pages seem more like one page.

    Step 21

    I added a text to complete the spread...

    Step 22

    .. and drew lines around the text as well.

    Step 23

    Flowers make..

    Step 24

    ... me blooming happy!

    Step 25

    Hope you liked it and got inspired.