How to Integrate iBooks Author to Nearpod

by Nearpod's Guides

Create your own iBooks and integrate them to Nearpod, adding interactive features :)


  • 1 iBooks author app
  • 1 iPad for the teacher with the Nearpod app
  • 1 iPad, iPhone or iPod touch for every student
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Create your own iBook using iBooks Author.

    Step 2

    When ready, choose Share > Export, and select the PDF format. Create a PDF file for viewing only onscreen (not as a printout).

    Step 3

    Select image quality and security options and click Next.

    Step 4

    Type a name and choose a location for the file, and click Export. PDF ready!

    Step 5

    Go to and log in to the Content Tool.

    Step 6

    Start a new presentation.

    Step 7

    Drag and drop the PDF from your computer to upload the iBook to Neapod.

    Step 8

    You can add as many interactive features as you'd like.

    Step 9

    Once you have finished creating your NPP and are ready to publish it, select it and it will appear highlighted in blue. Then press the Publish button. iBook integrated :)