How to Install RAM on a Desktop PC.

by Lou V

A quick write up on how to install RAM on a desktop PC.


Step 1

First you need to remove the case. Each computer is different. Mine happens to have clips which lets me easily open the case.

Step 2

Ta-Da! This is also a good opportunity to clean out the dust. I use compressed air but a vacuum also works.

Step 3

Locate the RAM slots on the motherboard. There are clips holding them in place. Make sure you know what type and how much RAM your motherboard supports.

Step 4

Press the clip gently. Once the RAM pops out, press the clip on the other side and it will easily come out.

Step 5

To re-install the new RAM it's easier to start with a corner then gently press down. The clips you opened earlier will snap back into place and will lock the RAM to the slot. I installed 4 GB's.

Step 6

That's it. Just close the case and you are done. Once again, make sure you get the right RAM that your motherboard and operating system can handle.