How to Install DropBox - Great Way to Sync and Backup

by Ronen Kor- Man


Step 1

Copy this link and paste it to your browser

Step 2

Fill the form and click "Creat Account"

Step 3

You get 2G of free space (which can be upgraded)

Step 4

Click your user name on the upper right corner and click install

Step 5

Install the local client on each computer you want to share you information with. You can also install a mobile app on iOS and Android

Step 6

After installing the client you will get the Dropbox folder in your My Documents folder

Step 7

Every folder or file that is added to the Dropbox folder is synced to all the other computer/mobile you installed AND you get a backup on Dropbox server

Step 8

You can share a folder or a file with other Dropbox users by entering the Sharing section

Step 9

You can share a file with users who are not Dropbox members by placing the file in the Public folder and sending a link by right clicking on the wanted file

Step 10

Step 11

For more information go to the Get started section and take the Tour