How to Install Drivers to Your Computer

by Katina N

I performed a clean install on this toshiba pc. These are the steps I went through to add the drivers that make the computer components work correctly.


  • 1 Your pc
  • Web browser (Firefox, Internet explorer, chrome)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Open your Internet browser and type in the browser address. This is chrome, by the way. Search for your pc's web page. Ex. Toshiba, Acer, Asus, hp, etc.

    Step 2

    Since I am installing driver for a toshiba, I went to their product page.

    Step 3

    You want to navigate to the consumer products area.

    Step 4

    Click on the laptops and notebooks section.

    Step 5

    Click on the drivers link.

    Step 6

    Click the download icon.

    Step 7

    Toshiba allows you to navigate through a list or type in the model number. Do that now. If you don't know what model your computer is, it's on the bottom of your laptop or back of your tower.

    Step 8

    Once that is selected, you should have all of the drivers available for your pc. Be careful to note what operating system you have on your computer. XP, vista, 7, or 8.

    Step 9

    Download your desired drivers. The important ones for a clean install are the graphics card, mouse(laptops), sound, chipset, network card, and wireless network.

    Step 10

    Double click on the chipset driver icon. Always install the main chipset first and reboot your computer if this is a clean install. Press the start button to begin the process.

    Step 11

    This is the progress of the chipset driver.

    Step 12

    Click yes to allow the program to make changes to your pc. Make sure the driver source is trusted. That's why I always download drivers from the manufacturer's site.

    Step 13

    This is the next step of the extraction progress. Just leave the screen alone and it should be finished in a few minutes.

    Step 14

    Another step in the installation process. Click next to continue.

    Step 15

    Read the terms and agreement and click yes. (It's ok, I know you won't read it) ;)

    Step 16

    Click he next button to continue the setup. I swear you are almost finished!

    Step 17

    Yahhh!! Setup is complete. Restart your computer and install any other drivers.