How to Install a GLASt Tempered Glass Screen Protector

by eTech Parts


Step 1

Today we received a remarkable invention, a tempered glass screen protector. Not a flimsy film, a piece of glass! Also available for the iPad. We are gonna sell millions of these! Hope it works.

Step 2

Open up the package. Your future in elevated safety awaits you.

Step 3

All sorts of treats inside, including an assortment of home buttons in a rainbow of colors. That was awfully nice of them, they didn't have to do that.

Step 4

Tear open the alcohol wipe swab. Clean your screen real good, seriously. Look, you have one shot, one opportunity.

Step 5

Buff it now, buff it real good. Every streak, every smudge. You're about to make a major commitment here.

Step 6

One last polish and then don't touch it. Let it rest for a second. Even if you get a text. Don't touch it, you can text Jennifer back later, its not imperative you respond to her now. She is so needy.

Step 7

Remove the screen protector from its sleeve. This is about to get real as removing residual candle wax from candle jars. That Snapguide blew up! She followed with blanching Asparagus though? J. Angel?

Step 8

The moment of truth is near. Carefully peel back the protective film. Deep breath. Charles was getting so nervous, but he hung in there and nailed the pictures like a soldier.

Step 9

I know your palms are sweaty, knees are weak, arms are heavy. On the surface though, you look calm and ready.

Step 10

Line up the home button and speaker grill. Lay it down with grace. Once it's on it's on, not playing games with you. No second chances. Do this correctly and prepare yourself to be amazed.

Step 11

Boom! Perfect. Now you can relax. Breathe. Took Charles forever to chill out, he was attacked by a pack of pigmy goats as a child, still jacks with his nerves to this day in anxious situations.

Step 12

It comes with a smoother outer tool, but really once the glass is down, it's on there. It's amazing. Can't even tell its on there, but your protection game is top notch now.

Step 13

Indestructible! We tried everything to destroy it. Watch the video. Keys and razor blades! Don't try this at home children, ask an adult to help you.

Step 14

Nothing can penetrate, can't hate, millions this will generate. Clarity unreal, at a price looking like a steal. Keeping the classics looking clean too, so amazing...Electric Boogaloo!