How to Improve Your Apple iDevice Privacy and Security

by Patrick Mifsud

Make your iPhone more secure and private.


  • iPhone that is running iOS
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest firmware. To check if you are on the latest version of iOS Navigate to Settings ---> General ----> About

    Step 2

    Launch the Settings App on your iPhone

    Step 3

    Navigate to Notifications ---> Messages and Turn Off previews

    Step 4

    Still in the Notification settings find Mail and for accounts turn off Preview

    Step 5

    To stop all web history from being stored you can go to Settings ---> Safari and turn on Private Browsing

    Step 6

    To Limit what apps get your location data Navigate to Settings ---> Privacy ----> Location Services. And turn off any apps you want to stop

    Step 7

    To turn off system services that use location navigate to Settings ---> Privacy ----> Location Services ---> System Services. And turn off any services that you don't want getting location data.

    Step 8

    In iOS 6 you can limit ad tracking by going to Settings ---> General ----> About ---> Limit Ad Tracking

    Step 9

    To improve lock screen security to can ad a password to your device. Do this by navigating to Settings ---> General ----> Password Lock

    Step 10

    Also to make more secure you can turn on Erase Data. Do this by navigating to Settings ---> General ----> Password Lock

    Step 11

    Settings>General>Restrictions. This is where you can lock down Account access and location access so it cannot be changed. You can also disallow deleting and installing apps.

    Step 12

    If you have any tips that I should include follow me and send me a message or comment

    Step 13

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