How to Ice Cream Cone Brownies (Baking Optional)

by Esty Shpigel

A quick and none traditional birthday cake solution.


  • Ice cream cone
  • Mini cupcakes or brownies
  • Icing
  • Sprinkles
  • Plastic shooter glasses
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    The mission: I promised my daughter ice cream cones cupcakes for her 5th birthday.

    Step 2

    I tried baking the cupcakes in the cones but was disappointed with the outcome. The cones lost their bright color and crunchiness. It was time for plan B.

    Step 3

    I was going to bake the mini cupcakes separately but I've ran out of flour. A quick look in the unhealthy snacks closet and I discovered my older son's stash of brownies.

    Step 4

    I started by dunking a brownie inside melted chocolate and placed it inside the ice cream cone. When the chocolate hardened it acted as the 'glue', keeping the cone and brownie together.

    Step 5

    I placed a second piece of brownie, in an upside down position, above the first brownie.

    Step 6

    Next I prepared the icing.

    Step 7

    For the ice cream scoope effect I used cream cheeses based icing. But feel free to substitute with icing of your choice. Adding food color is optional.

    Step 8

    I've stabilized the cones in plastic shooter glasses arranged on a plate. I then topped each cone with the icing, colorful candy sprinkles and a few Happy birthday signs. Mission accomplished.