How to Hide Puffy, Tired, and Dark Circled Eyes

by Bumdii Leyland

As a full- time student and a mother of two, dark circle, puffy, and tired eyes is inevitable. But, with concealers and make-up along with proper technique, I am able to cover it up and feel good.


  • 1 Light concelaer
  • 1 Similar to your skin concealer
  • 1 Concealer brush
  • 1 Eye cream
  • 1 Eye primer
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Concealer brush

    Step 2

    Tired, puffy, and dark circled eyes. That is a result of having two kids and attend full-time school.

    Step 3

    Luminous eye cream- this has genzing in it to help de-puff and with its luminousity it will help with lighting to help eliminate dark circle from the inside out.

    Step 4

    Apply the eye cream all over your dark and puffy tired eyes - just the bottom not the eyelid.

    Step 5

    My concealer palette- make up forever. I use this bec. It has everything I need.

    Step 6

    Applying the concealer in an upside down triangle . You can look at how to apply from my other snapguide flawless make up. Reason for the triangle application is to look refresh. Blend...

    Step 7

    Apply the eye primer on the eyelid and blend. This is what it would look like after blending. See the difference between with or without concealer.

    Step 8

    Before and after. If you guys want a snapguide on this specific make-up on how to apply this eyeshadow let me know.

    Step 9

    Simple guide to concealer colors and what skin tone or problem areas.

    Step 10

    Use this wheel to find which color concealer works best Yellow - bluish bruise, under eye circles. Purple- yellow bruises, very dark circle Green- cover blemish, zits, rosacea, blotches

    Step 11

    Poof! No more dark circle and tired looking eyes. I am ready to tackle my mommy obligations, and more...