How to Help You Choose Name for a New Business or Website

In the end, your business name is yours to use. While there are so many rules you can follow, you can simply discard all and go for the name you like.

How to Help You Choose Name for a New Business or Website
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Selecting a proper name is one of the biggest tasks you may face when about to establish a new business or website. Your business name is not just a name but a part of your company


an identity that will represent your brand always. This requires careful selection in order to get it right. while there are certain rules set by industries, there is no right or wrong business name.

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However, a good business name contributes to the success of every business. A good business name should represent your services and should be easily remembered. Before you pick a name consider the


type of business you run, the type of audience you serve, how ideal it will be for a website address… , and the type of message you want to convey.


Here are ten ideas to get you started Catchy Names Most times, especially in overcrowded industries, a catchy business name can mean the difference between poor sales


and heavy revenue. Think of something that jumps right at the client requesting for attention. Such business names can get you more visits in SERPs. The name must be one that will interest the


interest the prospective client or seem trustworthy. A catchy name with a well-designed logo is priceless. Names That Provide the Answer In certain competitive industries that require


that require actionable solutions, you may be better off with a name that provides an answer. A website name such as perfectfitfootwear dot com presents an answer to a possible question that


prospective clients may be asking. Pay attention to the extension too. A name like specifies the location of the business.


This can draw such visitors to your site. Remember to keep it simple and think of common idioms or phrases. Peculiar Words While most businesses go for names that represent what they do


sometimes going for something totally unrelated yields better prospects. Using peculiar words as business names allows you to build your brand around something that is common and inspire curiosity.


This curiosity will drive your business until it becomes a brand. Popular brands like Amazon and Apple thrived on that to gain leverage. Keywords You can always go for the conventional


way of using related keywords to create business names. They tell your visitors or prospective clients, at first glance, what your business is about.


Names like Pizza Hut, Tyre Master, and Grammarly are good examples of how to use keywords to form business names. Remember to make it catchy, unique, and interesting.


Acronyms Most official and government agencies utilize acronyms in business names. The business name itself can be a long tail phrase containing words related to the niche.


Then the first letters are picked and used to form acronym business name. Brands like BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) are good examples of


business names gotten from acronyms. Wrong Spellings Sometimes misspelt names seem very cool as business name. This is very useful if you are one of the


first businesses in a new niche and want to retain the main keyword. A corruption of the keyword can give you a good brand name. It also attracts attention to your business and makes


you seem like a authority in the niche. Popular brands with wrong spellings as business names include Flickr, Google, and Topix.Entrepreneur’s Name This is the traditional business name selection


method Using your name as business name is very appropriate if the business is a long-term one that could span centuries. In that case


it is better for long-term branding and also serves to retain your legacy. So if you have nothing in mind, consider going the old fashioned way and using your name.


Last Thoughts Gotten any name ideas yet? Relax, take your time, and go through the ten ideas again. You can always catch a break and go through the blog post again.


If you have multiple name ideas, write them down and go through them again to identify the best. You can also ask a friend to help out in the name selection process. Remember to register


the name or company once you make your final selection. Best of luck!

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