How to "Hand In" Text/image iPad Projects (Hassle Free)

by Digital Roadtrip

We all love iPads in the classroom - but getting those amazing projects off the devices can be a pain. If you want text and image projects handed in for marking/checking try this.... You'll love it...


  • A Mac ideally (but if you must... A PC)
  • class of ace iPad projects that you need to check
  • Printopia software on the mac
  • Or Fingerprint for PC
  • A Wifi network for laptop and iPads
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Download the Printopia ( software for Mac (on windows use Fingerprint by Collobos). Install it ;-)

    Step 2

    In your System preferences (under the Apple icon) go to Printopia. Uncheck access to all the printers you don't want the kids to access. The last option is Send to Mac keep this on.

    Step 3

    Double click on "Send to Mac" to personalise - so that the kids know where to send/print their work! Mrs Brown wouldn't want more marking from Mrs Smith’s class, unless she is a marking junky.

    Step 4

    Test this - (here we are using Keynote) go to share/print the file and choose Send to Mac. - When you print, it will send a PDF of the file to the Printopia folder in your document folder. ;-0

    Step 5

    Ok let’s watch the magic.... For more amazing iPad and Apple in the classroom goodness simply Google digitalroadtrip. Big thanks to the Amazing staff at St Silas Primary School Liverpool ur the best!