How to Grow a Medjool Date Palm From Seed

by Leslie's Homestead 🐔


  • Medjool date seeds
  • Paper towel
  • Plastic bag with zip closure
  • Water
  • Small dish
  • Potting soil
  • Small plastic pots
  • Plastic wrap
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Each delicious Medjool date has a seed inside that can easily be grown into a tree.

    Step 2

    Save some of the seeds by removing them from the center of the dates.

    Step 3

    Place your date seeds in a small dish covered with cool water. Soak them for one week, changing the water at least once a day to keep mold from forming.

    Step 4

    After soaking your seeds for a week, rinse them well and place in a damp (not dripping) paper towel and fold the towel over so they are sandwiched between the two halves.

    Step 5

    Place towel into a plastic bag, seal and place in a warm place. (I put them on top of a warm grow light).

    Step 6

    Check on your seeds occasionally and if any mold spots develop, change the towel.

    Step 7

    Soon, you will see roots beginning to appear! (It may take a few weeks, so be patient with them)

    Step 8

    Plant your sprouted seeds in potting soil. Keep the soil damp, covered with plastic and in a warm place until leaves appear.

    Step 9

    Soon you will have a baby Medjool palm like this!