How to Grow a Chemical-Free Vegetable Container Garden

by Tonya Peele

Produce your own fresh, homegrown food, in a small space - simply and chemical-free!


  • 3 16in containers/pots
  • 2 ?? bags potting soil
  • 2 vegetable/fruit bedding plants
  • 1 pk plant labels
  • garden tools
  • 1 watering bucket
  • sunlight
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Garden tools you'll need: Trowel - use to dig; Soil Scoop - use to transfer soil from bag to container; Pruners - use to trim leaves; Watering can w/rosettes - use to water plants evenly and gently.

    Step 2

    There are many options for gardening containers such as ceramic, wood & plastic. Containers should be big enough to support full grown plants, have drainage holes and be made without toxic chemicals.

    Step 3

    Put holes in the bottom of your container for drainage so your plant roots do not stand in water - which can lead to root rot. This pot cost only $7, so you don't have to spend a lot on pots.

    Step 4

    Here's the fun part! Choosing your plants! Bedding plants typically come 1 per pot or 4-6 per pot. Choose healthy vibrant plants. Check plant's growing conditions - sun, water, temp, and spacing.

    Step 5

    Don't overcrowd plants. A little card should come with the plant to tell you how much space is needed between plants. Completely cover roots and plant base with potting soil.

    Step 6

    Take a photo of your garden on the day of planting. Then chronicle growing conditions everyday so next time around you'll know which things worked well and which ones didn't.

    Step 7

    Water your plants regularly. But don't overwater. Check the weather and don't water on rainy days. Nature's water is better than tap!

    Step 8

    Look at your garden everyday. You'll be amazed at how exciting and empowering growing your own food - free of chemicals and full of nutrients - can really be!!! Enjoy your growing experience!