How to Graffiti

by Csir Em


  • Paper, pencil, eraser
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    This was a request I received. I enjoy doing lettering so here I wanted to show how you can go about creating your own styles. It takes practice & some imagination but it's something we all can learn

    Step 2

    Request by "Harold". Start by writing out your word you want to create. Space them out depending on how you want them to be

    Step 3

    Here's an "H" sample

    Step 4

    "R" sample

    Step 5

    Final product. This is one of the most basic steps

    Step 6

    Second sample written out

    Step 7

    Sample video

    Step 8

    Final profuct

    Step 9

    3rd free hand sample

    Step 10

    Final products

    Step 11

    Final free hand sample

    Step 12

    Final product. So as you can see it's all about being creative. Don't be afraid to go out of the normal. You want to be different so go ahead practice and create