How to Grade a Google Form

by Lisa Johnson


  • 1 Google Form
  • Multiple student entries
  • Shortened URL or QR to form
  • Flubaroo script
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Create a Google Form and submit it once with the correct answers (to be used as a key).

    Step 2

    In Google spreadsheet associated with Google form, click on Tools tab and select Script Gallery.

    Step 3

    Search for Flubaroo script and install. You will also have to authorize the script to run.

    Step 4

    After all students have completed the form/assessment, click on the Flubaroo script tab and select "grade assignment".

    Step 5

    Assign points to each of the questions on the form.

    Step 6

    Select which entry will be your answer key.

    Step 7

    Review the grades in the new tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet entitled "grades".

    Step 8


    Step 9

    Visit for support.