How to Get Wi Fi in the Basement, Far Side From Modem?

by Pascal De cort

Presuming there is no network plug in your basement:


  • Airport extreme or time capsule = your main router
  • Airport express to extend wifi
  • Airport app
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Download the airport app and power the airport express. I presume there's already a router installed that has wifi and internet. In my example i have a time capsule with ssid "pascati" for the wifi id

    Step 2

    Once powered, the app will search any new devices. Select it and start with giving the express station a name, in your case i would call it "airport express basement". Select "network" ->

    Step 3

    Select "wifi mode" on the new express device and choose "extend a wireless network". Select the wifi network in the option "choose a network" and fill in the wifi password. Click done and then->

    Step 4

    Select "internet connection" which is dhcp by default. Select done, done and update.

    Step 5

    You should see a dotted line between the express and the router and a green dot indicating communication is established. Done!