How to Get New Tomato Plants From Already Growing Plants

by Cathy Zelda_Mc

How to propagate tomato


  • Healthy tomato plant
  • Scissors
  • Shot glass
  • Cheap potting soil
  • Plastic pot
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Use tomato already growing -- if you don't have any ask gardener friend or buy overgrown plant at garden store.

    Step 2

    Find a sucker. A sucker is a branch growing between two branches. They zap energy from plant so it helps plants to remove them. Suckers do not have flowers.

    Step 3

    Remove by snipping off with scissors.

    Step 4

    The cut sucker - it's about 4 - 5 inches long.

    Step 5

    Shot glass or any small vessel that can hold water can be used.

    Step 6

    Fill glass with water. Add tomato sucker stems.

    Step 7

    They may wilt first few days but will develop roots in a week to 10 days. Change water if it gets cloudy. Add water if level drops.

    Step 8

    Roots! Notice little nubs? You can plant to depth above them. I will remove that lower leaf before final planting.

    Step 9

    Make hole bigger than rootball in the soil.

    Step 10

    Plant and carefully add soil to completely cover roots. Soil level can be half inch above or even higher. I use cheap potting soil--the one without added fertilizer.

    Step 11

    Water in. gently. I use squeeze bottle for a few days. I also water with 1/2 strength diluted "miraculous-grow" solution.

    Step 12

    Here's your plant. Plant in ground or 5 gallon container after plant has rooted more in soil, 2 - 3 weeks. These plants grow fast so you could get a tomato crop in 60 days.