How to Get Glutes of Steel

by Glenn Hole

My hardest workout to date; this lower body circuit alternates explosive with isolating versions of similar movements. Works the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Gravity is all you need here.


  • 1 Pair of legs
  • 1 Floor
  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Gallon Water
  • 1 Stopwatch or timer
  • 1 Towel
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    DISCLAIMER: Always consult a physician before attempting any new exercise plan. I am not a trainer. I am not responsible for death injury or discomfort caused to anyone as a result of using this guide

    Step 2

    About this workout: Burns 600-1000 kCal/hr. Glutes are the main target. You will get very sore muscles. Be conservative the first few times. If you can't walk comfortably the next day, you overdid it.

    Step 3

    Warm up with some jogging on the spot, jumping jacks and some dynamic/active stretches (that's walking lunges, leg swings etc).

    Step 4

    Take no rest between exercises until the circuit is finished. Repeat the entire circuit after two minutes rest. Be sure to drink water, and towel off before you get back to work. 3 circuits is plenty.

    Step 5

    PLEASE start on the lowest rep counts. The max rep version will make your legs VERY sore unless you're a seasoned athlete. I don't want you unable to walk easily tomorrow (which is possible).

    Step 6

    SINGLE LEG SQUAT - Go honeybadger on this and do 3-10 per leg @ a depth and intensity you like. As you get stronger you'll go lower and do more reps. Do not do more than 6 if this is your first time.

    Step 7

    JUMPING LUNGE WITH ISO-DEATH LUNGE 5000. Rock forward and then back between each jump as shown. Do at least 8 (4 per leg). Do more if you can, but no more than 20 (10 per leg) which is insane.

    Step 8

    BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT X 5-10. The Bulgarian national motto is "Unity Makes Strength". But ignore that, this is one leg at a time. Keep the back straight, front knee bends to 90 degrees.

    Step 9

    FLOOR TOUCH HOPS. Set your stopwatch for either 30s, 45s or 1 minute. Three hops forward, three hops backward. Feet should be wide. Sit into each squat as you reach towards or touch the ground.

    Step 10

    3 LEVEL WALL SITS. Follow me on the video for the hardest version. We'll shed tears of joy together. Spend 10, 15 or 20s at each level depending on how strong you are.

    Step 11

    The next move is explosive. If you find it too hard, try just standing up quickly from the kneeling position, and kneel back down. Switch the leading foot after 5.

    Step 12

    JACK IN THE BOX x 5-10. Tip: nowhere near your mums fine china cabinet. Tip 2: Even ninjas might need to put something soft behind them in case of falls. Tip 3: swing your arms for momentum.

    Step 13

    Repeat the whole sequence after 2 minutes rest. You should repeat this 3 times (BTW It's ok to modify the moves if you find them too brutal, gradually building the intensity and reps over the weeks).

    Step 14

    If you did it right...

    Step 15

    Cool down with some dynamic stretches and walking around. Replace the fluids you lost. Once your heart rate has come back down to earth, see my post-workout stretching guide. You'll need it.

    Step 16

    Hard work pays off when there's variety, good nutrition and rest. Work too hard and you'll take painful steps backwards. See my other guides and come up with your own rationale for working out.